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              Meteorological scientific research of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has scored groundbreaking advances

              16-08-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

              On August 7, it is informed that key winter meteorological forecasting technologies of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games venues have scored groundbreaking advances and the research results can directly underpin 2020 Winter Olympic Games test matches.

              The project observation research team has revealed the complex mechanism on how wind fields in mountainous regions are affected by conditions like background wind fields, terrain effect, and thermal and dynamic factors, developed large eddy modeling system of complex terrain in the venues, and constructed 30m to 50m large eddy modeling data set under over one hundred kinds of weather conditions.

              The project modeling R&D team has constructed rapid updating seamless integrated forecasting system RISE. The team has also ramped up 0-24 hour forecasting accuracy of near ground meteorological factors of mountain venues of the Games and met the specific demands of the Games in terms of meteorological services.

              The project team has improved GRAPES global and regional modeling forecasting performance, set up kilometer-scale integrated prediction system and developed 1-10 day set point meteorological products and error correction products based on GRAPES global and regional models, constructed forecasting conceptual models, and developed and provided snow depth and rain and snow phase state objective forecasting products, as well as temperature, humidity and wind speed and direction site forecasting products based on machine learning.

              The project has formed a series of smart meteorological services and products standards and data interface modules, and developed preliminary smart meteorological services products. (Aug. 16)

              Reporter: Feng Ziyan

              Editor: Liu Shuqiao




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