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              Agro-Meteorological Services


              The climate conditions are closely related to the crops growth. The meteorological service is much useful for the healthy development of agriculture. For a long time, China Meteorological Administration has given first priority to the agro-meteorological services and developed rich services and effective communication systems. The meteorological services have extended to all aspects of agriculture and rural economic development.


              In 2010, China Meteorological Administration released the Guidance on Enforcing Agro-meteorological Service System Building and the Guidance on Enforcing Development of the Rural Meteorological Disaster Prevention System (Two Systems in short). The development of these Two Systems enhanced delivery of the meteorological services to the rural area.


              Weather forecast for autumn harvest and sowing made by National Meteorological Centre.


              The central government set up special funds for nationwide weather modification and rural meteorological services and appropriated 98.3 million yuan for the rural meteorological service pilots in 121 counties of 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 2011 and 166.3 million yuan to fund the pilots in 277 counties from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The local governments increased investment in the rural meteorological services and some provinces, prefectures and counties included the meteorological service stations, meteorological information  messengers and development and maintenance of meteorologcial disaster early warning information release channels into the local public finance.


              The governments of 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) such as Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui and Hubei signed the cooperation agreement with China Meteorological Administration to enforce the agro-meteorological services. And the governments of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) promulgated documents or convened meetings to promote the development of the two systems. At the same time, the inter-departmental cooperation has been enforced. China Meteorological Administration has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture to release the agricultural pest disaster forecast, joined hands with the Ministry of Land and Resources to promote development of the geological disaster weather forecast and early warning, and worked with the State Forestry Administration to release the weather warning for fire prevention and control.


              At present, the meteorological administration has set up 36,100 automatic meteorological stations, 653 agro-meteorological observation stations, 70 agro-meteorological experimental stations, 1,669 soil moisture status observation stations and implemented pilots of the refined agro-meteorological forecast. It has set up a weather forecast system and a disastrous weather short-time forecast system for specified townships. At present, the meteorological administration of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) carried out the agro-meteorological forecast technology research and development or services,  and offered the refined forecast services during the seeding time of wheat, rice, cabbage and potato and other widely farmed crops.


              Meanwhile, the meteorological administration has also carried out the customized services for specialty agriculture, in addition to the common agro-meteorological services. For example, the Meteorological Administration of Jiangxi Province has set up a weather observation system for orange, pig, crab, fishes, water melon, strawberry, grape and other dominate plants according to the requirements of farmer cooperatives and agricultural industrialization services. An agro-meteorological service structure has taken shape in China with “clear local characteristics, high pertinence and strong professionalism”.

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